Like many good things in life, Bare Thrills was born out of a crisis. In this case it was an underwear crisis. We are Emily and Liz and we created Bare Thrills out of the sheer frustration of not having the right underwear to workout in. As an active couple, health and fitness are a cornerstone of our lives and we understand that what that looks like is different for everybody. For us, we love to go for bush walks and runs with our Australian kelpie, Merlot. We also do regular high intensity functional training sessions which Liz loves to balance with a couple of yoga practices a week.

Throughout all of this, we only had a small selection of underwear that we would resort to everyday, which were by no means specifically designed for that purpose. One day we realised that we were putting so much thought into choosing and buying our activewear, but not our underwear. We couldn’t find a single pair of underwear that ticked all of our boxes 😉 so we decided to design our own!


Bare Thrills was created with the mission to support YOU on your active journey, because everyone's active journey is different! We put as much thought into the underwear we train in as we do  the shoes we run in, or the tights we squat in, and have designed them with the three F's in mind: Fit, Feel, Function. 

We aim to promote our brand by celebrating women in sport and fitness. This has led us to building a brand that values diversity, inclusion, and personal growth.

Bare Thrills has a conscious approach to sourcing materials and aim to have minimal impact on our already constrained environment. Made from recycled fibres, Bare Thrills underwear are designed for your workout without compromising on sustainability.