Why do you need different underwear for working out?

When it comes to wearing underwear working out, there is certainly diversity in preference. To wear or to go bare? Should you have ‘workout’ underwear and ‘day’ underwear? No need to get your knickers in a twist. Let’s unravel this. 

Going ‘commando’

No judgment here if you do and apparently it is quite common. We get it, some underwear can be uncomfortable to work out in, especially if they aren’t made of the right material or made for working out in the first place. But what about the health side of things? The biggest issue is sweat and irritation. Without moisture wicking material, sweat can remain on the skin leading to chafing, rashes and infections. The reality is yeast and bacteria thrive in wet and humid conditions - exactly what occurs in The Land Down Under during a workout. This risk also increases the harder you work out. More sweat = higher risk of infections and chafing. 

Sweating heavily while exercising is just a bodily function and for people assigned female at birth, so is discharge. You may notice increased discharge after exercising and having the extra bit of material can provide better protection. The same goes for mild incontinence, another common bodily function, particularly if you’ve given birth. 

The case for workout underwear 

So while we’ve established that it is likely healthier to wear underwear while working out, do you really need undies dedicated to your workout? Before Bare Thrills, your ‘workout’ undies were likely whatever you grabbed from the top of the drawer and threw into your gym bag. But you no doubt also made some conscious decisions with the style and they were probably seamless. This is important because seams can rub and irritate over time, causing abrasions and skin darkening in the area, not ideal! 

Breathable, moisture wicking and stretch for comfort are the ideal combination for choice of undies when working out. You are already doing this for your gym clothes so it makes sense right? This is why the material that you choose matters so much. Many fabrics, especially cotton, hold sweat and moisture which is certainly problematic during your sweaty workouts. Bare Thrills underwear was designed with these factors in mind and so we did something crazy...we made the underwear out of workout material. Yes! Bare Thrills are made from a beautifully thin and soft version of the material that most your gym clothes are made from, sustainably sourced of course. 

Are ‘workout undies’ ONLY for working out?

No, of course not. Just like you wear your fave sets of pristine gym clothes with your glistening white sneakers to brunch on Saturday, you can also wear your gym underwear anywhere. However they should be the ONLY undies you wear to the gym. If all your sports bras were in the wash, would you throw on just any lace bra from the drawer for a run? Maybe that depends on how brave you are to withstand the boob bounce and pain…but it's not recommended. 

The bottom line

Having a dedicated workout underwear ticks many boxes ;-) They are breathable, moisture wicking and healthy for your vagina. Bare Thrills underwear go a step further being designed for your workout and up for any challenge or activity that you are. When you lay out your gym gear the night before, your Bare Thrills Gym G sits neatly on top to put on first. When you pack your gym bag, your Gym G is thrown in proudly alongside your sports bra and tights. The package is now complete. You’re ready to sweat and all set for the challenge. 

*A note on cuts: the votes for thong vs briefs are strong on both sides. Bare Thrills has only just started and has other cuts on the way! Stay tuned for some epic gym underwear in cuts with more coverage x